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JILL SUFFIN BODY and ENERGY WORKS at the Winter Park Wellness Centers, located in Fraser and Winter Park. For an appointment please call 970-531-5144

Offering holistic wellness from the outside in and the inside out, through massage therapy, energy healing, nutrition, and Juice Plus+ whole food supplements.

My commitment is to provide you with an excellent and unforgettable experience, and to help you begin or continue on your path to ultimate health and wellness.


Welcome to Body & Energy Works

Therapeutic Massage an integrative approach using  a variety of  techniques to suit your bodies needs. Techniques available are:

  1. Therapeutic Massage (Swedish, Integrative)

  2. Deep Tissue Work (Neuromuscular Therapy)

  3. Trager Work

  4. Prenatal Massage

  5. Massage Cupping

  6. Energy work in the form of Reiki, polarity therapy, and chakra balancing

  7. Chair-Seated Massage


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