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Jill Suffin graduated from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in April of 1982 and has been serving Grand County's muscular "kneads" since then. When she first came to the Winter Park Valley, she worked at Devil's Thumb Ranch for 2 runners camps sponsored by Bonnie Bell, and then became the massage therapist for the CLazyU Guest Ranch for 26 summers. For many years, Jill provided the massage therapy at the Arapaho Chiropractic Center with Dr. Betsy Jones, and then spent 3 years at the Bella Vita Wellness Spa. Currently she is working with the Winter Park Wellness Center at its 2 locations, Kings Crossing Shopping Center in the town of Winter Park, CO, and at the Iron Horse Resort near the WP ski area.

Jill specializes in what she calls her "firm but kind" approach to massage therapy and incorporates many different modalities. Her treatments include energy healing techniques, Trager work, massage cupping, and deep tissue massage, within a Swedish format. This provides a very relaxing and therapeutic experience. The energy techniques she practices include Polarity therapy, Reiki, and chakra balancing. The latest addition to her "toolbox" is Massage Cupping which uses negative pressure and feels amazing. It is very effective for loosening the muscles, and drawing toxins from the body, and can be very beneficial for many issues. Most people love the way it feels!

Jill is available to come to your office, shop, school, conference, or anywhere else to do chair massage. Show your employees how much you appreciate them by hiring her for your "employee or teacher appreciation day”. Scrapbookers LOVE taking a little break for a massage! A little goes a long way with chair massage!

After 40+ years of doing massage therapy, Jill still loves doing this work and feels extremely lucky to have the opportunity to help people feel better and be healthier. She will do full sessions of energy healing, prenatal massage, and can tailor any session based on the needs of her clients. She hopes to have the honor of working with you!

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Located in beautiful Winter Park, Colorado. We are now only located at the Iron Horse Resort near the WP ski area.

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