Fraser Cupping Therapy

Fraser Chair-Seated Massage

Chair-seated massage has the client in a special massage chair for a short and amazingly effective treatment with clothing on and no oil.

Looking for a great way to show your staff, friends, or clients how much you appreciate them?

Perhaps a nice gift for the people in your wedding party?

Scrapbookers love to take a little break for a quick chair massage!

Or how about throwing a party that people will be raving about for weeks after?

Bring Jill Suffin in for chair-seated massage and show how much you care?

Advantages of seated massage over table massage:

  • Less time
  • Less cost
  • Less fear of the unknown
  • Less stranger anxiety
  • Can leave clothes on
  • No oil is used
  • Seated massage has been shown to increase productivity, loyalty, and morale. Employees go back to work reenergized! A little bit goes a long way with a short seated massage.

    Located at the Winter Park Wellness Center in beautiful Winter Park, Colorado. The two convenient locations are at the Kings Crossing Center in town and the Iron Horse Resort near the ski area.

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